What is wyze solid yellow light?

Always remember that wyze troubleshooting is going to provide you complete technical backup in terms of need now; if you are encountering the situation of wyze solid yellow light +1 (800) 966–1679, then this article is worth your time. Once you have purchased the wyze cam outdoor camera, you will get through a lot of technical error, and there are also some unfortunate changes of physical damage to the camera.

Whenever you are going to face the issue of led light after you buy wyze cam Canada here is what you must do:

● You must know that this situation generally happens because of wyze camera troubles; this light will start flashing whenever your camera stops working efficiently.

● To fix the issue, you must start by checking the internet connection and see that the camera has a full charge.

● After that, you need to check the camera is updated with the latest firmware, and that is not the reason behind the error of flashing the yellow light.

● After doing that also there is the yellow light flash then you must simply perform a wyze power cycle and wait till it reboots itself.

These steps will certainly solve your issue; otherwise, you can also call us for professional camera repair and troubleshooting service. Please know that you can also buy wyze cam from the official site of wyze and amazon!!

Website: https://wyze-support.com/wyze-solid-yellow-light/